Warning: This review contains huge Spoilers

As soon as I heard there’s a Venom stand-alone movie coming up, I was so intrigued as to how Sony would cook up with Marvel in bringing an anti-hero to the silver screen and guess what? They surely didn’t disappoint. Since we all have been munching on super-hero ensemble buffet for quite some time, I was really craving for a solo superhero movie and Venom had just given me the dessert needed. That being said, the movie hasn’t been perfect in some ways for a spidey’s villain origin story. Again what’s perfect in this world? Neither me nor you or even this review, but without any further ado let’s get into what the Venom has to hiss.

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What’s the movie about?

The movie is about an alien virus called Symbiote that was found on a comet by a private space agency – ‘Life Foundation’ lead/founded by Carlton Drake who plays an antagonist in the film. So these captured Symbiotes are being transported back to Earth upon Drake’s keen desire for morphed beings (i.e fusion of Symbiote+Human) that could sustain in outer space as well.

Drake truly believes that this union between humans and symbiotes is the ultimate human evolution as a species, thus knocking us with his false notions of our planet being at the brink of collapse.

The allure of the film is surely our favorite actor Tom Hardy who plays Eddie Brock – the news reporter so effortless and perfectly that, you could literally feel the headstrong & egoistic aura that surrounds him until he has been tasked to report on Carlton Drake’s success and his company.

Eddie’s girlfriend Anne works in a firm that works for Drake’s Life Foundation, so she happens to have the confidential data on the allegations put on Drake’s company.

Superstar to loser

Following his boring date night with Anne, Eddie decides to be a peeping Tom skimming through confidential data about the company while she was asleep, for interviewing Drake the next day. As you might have already guessed, the interview with Drake gets cut-off midway and then life happens…one thing leads to another as Eddie & Annie both lose their jobs just because of a one arguably arrogant interview.

To add up to the grief, Annie breaks up with Eddie due to these events thus making Eddie’s life miserable. Losing love of his life and job in a single day, can’t get worse than this eh? So unpredictable this Bay Area I tell ya! (just kidding)

By now you might be thinking…enough of this drama, where the hell is Venom? Well, this is how you feel when you are watching the movie as it takes a while before Venom kicks in.

Venom’s Appearance

Eddie runs through one of the Life Foundation scientists named Dora who seeks his help in reporting the barbaric human experiments conducted in the organization thus losing human lives in the process. Although Eddie being reluctant at the beginning, later agrees to join the break-in quest to have the evidence record by himself where he’s being fused with Venom transferred from a weak test subject.

Our hero suddenly feels the unease in his body along with super-human strength while escaping the break-in, where he’s been controlled by Venom who constantly craves live human food exclusively human heads. The chase for capturing back Eddie (with Venom) is one of the highlights in the movie.

So Eddie & his alter-ego get busy bargaining their deal about saving his life but on the other hand, feeding Venom with really bad humans to fill the hunger strike.

Riot’s Appearance

On the flip side, our antagonist Drake will also be consumed by another symbiote named Riot who’s supposedly the leader of all the symbiotes, in his own lab. While Venom wants a simple alien life on Earth feeding on bad people and helping Eddie along the way, Riot has vicious plans up his mask to go back to space in the rocket and bring back millions of symbiotes to Earth desiring for a symbiote Monopoly.

This contrast in thoughts leads to an epic showdown between Venom and Riot at the rocket launch resulting in Venom being the victor by demolishing the rocket and Riot (along with Drake in it) turning to ash following up the blast.

Venomous (+): Eddie’s escape with Venom, Tom Hardy’s acting, CGI spot on, Venom fight scenes.

Innocuous (-): Movie tone, Venom’s intro. delay, less plot for the villain, weird love.

My Venom Score: 3.5/5

Conclusion: Even though the movie had some gaps and lacked tonal clarity, it still stands up as a fun movie to watch with friends & family. Please share if you like my review and if you think there are any major points missing, feel free to comment below on your thoughts and how the movie could have been.

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