Director: Sankalp Reddy

Main Cast: Varun Tej, Aditi Rao Hydari, Lavanya Tripathi, Srinivas Avasarala, Satyadev Kancharana

My Rating: 3.5/5

Tollywood industry has become the leading movie making business in India post-Baahubali. I don’t mean in just budget increase but also in terms of a unique story like this ‘Antariksham‘ movie itself.

Never have I imagined that there would be a Space movie directed in Tollywood this soon. Hats-off to the director Sankalp Reddy for pulling that off.

He truly justified his name ‘Sankalp‘ which literally translates into “Determination” in the Telugu language.

The director already has a huge expectation up his head, since everyone loved his first movie Ghazi that has raised his bars to another level. Now let’s see if this movie is really worth watching?

Official Antariksham 9000kmph Trailer


Varun is an astronaut (at ISC) who had a failure on his first mission, which involves the satellite ‘Vipryaan‘ that goes dead in Moon’s orbit. This unfortunate event occurs due to some unforced errors and he also loses his love (Lavanya Tripathi) in the process, making Varun go incognito for 5 years.

Cut back to the present day, ISC (Indian Space Centre) has a dire situation that demands Varun’s intellect & expertise. The situation now is to fix the old satellite named ‘Mihira’ running slow gradually in Earth’s orbit.

This satellite has gotten the world attention because of its danger. This Mihira satellite if goes unfixed will deviate and crash into another satellite, thus creating massive debris in space.

While Varun gets back on this current mission after stubborn conversations, he also has other plans cooked up his sleeve.

9000kmph Analysis

Director Sankalp Reddy has surprised the audience with his thorough research on Rocket Science. Not just the direction department, but even the dialogues in the movie yet times were pretty good.

Unlike many Indian movies, the actors in the entire film did a good job with subtle acting hence adding weight to their characters. Another aspect that amazed me is the music in the movie, its simply spot on with the scenes.

Only a few key aspects in the movie related to the script felt little blank to me. For example, the intensity needed when launching a mission/rocket felt very casual rather than feeling uplifted.

A final observation from my POV is that the movie did a good job with the emotional touch in the 2nd-half.

O2 (+ points):

  • VFX seemed a little dull couple of times but was decent overall, considering the budget of the film
  • Music is spot-on
  • Acting isn’t overboard from all the characters
  • A unique story for the regional audience

CO2 (- points):

  • The storyline wasn’t greatly engaging throughout
  • Few feats performed in the movie are very hard to believe
  • ‘No Space-Based Item Song’ in the movie (Just Kidding, I am glad its missing 😀 )

Conclusion –

Even though the Movie isn’t mind-blowing like most of us have expected from the director. It surely doesn’t disappoint you with the overall experience that you get! It deserves all the respect for pulling off such an incredible risky feat by Sankalp Reddy.


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