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Main Cast: Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

I feel more than honored to say it loud that Indian movies have raised the bar for international audience exclusively in terms of budget, CGI and the brute story strength.

Although having this conception on the back of my head, I arrived at the movie theatre without any huge expectations¬†and boy oh boy…did the movie surprise me!

Robo 2.0 Official Movie Trailer

When I saw the trailer for the first time, I was hooked as soon as mobiles just flew off into the sky, I unquestionably think that this is the USP (Unique Selling Point) for the movie.


The best aspect of the film is that the seriousness of the plot kicks in as soon as the movie starts rolling without any time going vain. The first scene starts off with Akshay Kumar committing a suicide on a Cell Tower with all the birds whirling around.

Akshay plays a role of ornithologist turned social activist who wants to transform the society by educating about the devastating effects of cell phone radiations, and especially the depletion of bird species dying due to the immense radiations.

All his efforts on this massive shift of mindset into the daily lives of people go in vain.

He pleads to all the common public to save birds and ban cell phones although his main intent was to request government in enormously reducing the radiation of the towers, in hope to settle the brutal deaths of innocent birds.

The constant failures of his attempts led him to depression and thus he commits suicide and returns as the 5th force with revenge.

Dr.Vaseegaran(Rajnikanth) realizes this negative force while all the mobiles in Chennai start flying into the sky including his own.

After having quite some meetings with big heads in India along with central home minister, Vaseegaran finally gets an approval to unleash Chitti(Robo) in order to eliminate the wrath of Pakshi Raja’s evil entity.

By now you know what happens, huge CGI fights coming up (Deadpool movie ref. lol).

But the movie takes it’s time to establish this backstory of our villain until the 2nd half which is a drag…

The performances of both Vaseegaran and Nila (Amy Jackson as a robot) does not have much to showcase, as the movie hugely focuses on Pakshi Raja & Chitti being the major highlights of the movie.


  • VFX shots that literally contain the heart of the movie are out of the human world
  • The movie takes a linear approach in sending a message to us audience(not SMS lol) and greatly succeeds without any diversions
  • Akshay Kumar’s backstory strength & his acting
  • Background Music was awestruck during the scenes & had an awesome blend
  • No unnecessary songs in between that could disrupt the mood of the film
  • Mini Chitti (Robo3.0) surprise
  • Climax fight scene


  • Vaseegaran & Nila characters don’t have much to offer
  • Delay in showing us the Villain’s backstory
  • Repetitive shots of cell phones disappearing


Robo2.0 is surely the best movie for Shankar in recent times without any thought of doubt, and it offers the best quality movie along with a proper story, that was sort of lacking in his recent past movies.

If you want an interesting villain and a great fun-packed movie, then what are you waiting for? Rush to the theatres now!

Rating: 3.75/5


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