*This Review Contains Spoilers*

Director: James Wan,

Main Cast: Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Nicole Kidman (Atlanna), Patrick Wilson (King Orm)

My Rating: 4/5

There’s no doubt in saying that Aquaman is the best DC movie since Wonder Woman.

When everything seems to be looking ashes for the DC movies, Aquaman just washed past everything like a Tsunami. The hope is real now to step back into the game & loosen up the Marvel’s monopoly.

This movie just got me hooked as soon as Queen Atlanna says, “From where I come from…the oceans carry our tears”, which’s an emotion as deep as the ocean itself.

Since we all are bored & vexed of our above sea level politics, let’s dive into what our oceans have to offer.

Official Aquaman Trailer

Aquaman Origin

One rainy night, a surface dwelling lighthouse-keeper finds the queen of Atlantis (i.e Atlanna) stranded on the shore. He offers her home & aid eventually leading to love and the birth of our super-hero Aquaman.

Since Aquaman is a product of both land & water, he possesses great superhuman strength like all Atlantians do, plus his cool ability to communicate with ocean life.

Vulko is an interesting character in the movie who is a political advisor to the Atlantians, and also the master of Aquaman for teaching the art of fighting with Trident.

Xebel Queen Mera’s Appearance

Aquaman doesn’t want to return to Atlantis leaving his dad behind, plus the rumor that his mom – queen Atlanna was killed by the Atlantians for having a baby with surface dweller.

Knowing the whereabouts of Aquaman, Mera comes to the land to warn him about the incoming danger for the surface world. She explains about his half-brother king Orm being adamant about bringing the wrath of the seas to the land in an all-out war.

Mera pleads Aquaman to come below the surface world to claim his rightful place as King of Atlantis (i.e first born) in order to cease the war from happening.

But nothing seems to be going into Aquaman’s head until his dad almost dies from a Tsunami wave caused by Orm, as a warning to the surface world for the oncoming threat.

Mera-Aquaman Team Up!

Having experienced the intensity of the threat, Aquaman soon realizes the dire-need to stop Orm before it’s too late and teams up with Mera. The quest begins by meeting Vulka and strategizing on how to persuade Orm to change his decision.

While in the conversion, the underwater border security detects something fishy and captures Aquaman leading to his confrontation with king Orm.

Aquaman finds no way out, apart from challenging an underwater fight with his brother in order to stop his misguided mindset upon the surface world.

The fight gets interrupted with king Orm breaking Aquaman’s weapon and Mera saving Aquaman with her amazing water-tornado power.

Black Manta

Both Mera & Aquaman travel back to the surface from the sea, in search for the Ultimate Weapon to stop the Ocean-Surface war from Happening. Yes, that’s correct, they go in search of the Legendary Golden Trident which is the most powerful weapon to wield under water.

In the process of traveling places and solving mini-riddles, they encounter another villain in Sicily (a city in Italy) who goes by the name “Black Manta“.

He first appeared in the movie as a pirate breaking into a submarine, while Aquaman interferes the theft and saves the submariners. Meanwhile, black manta’s father dies in the submarine because of Aquaman & thus he holds a strong grudge against him.

Cut to the present scenario, this pirate gets his Technology from the ocean dwellers (King Orm’s Pawns) and integrates it with his forming a laser-eye Black Manta suit.

His Arc in the movie ends after he loses the fight with Aquaman & Mera at Sicily. (Check out Post-Credit Scene)

Twist in the Tale

I mentioned queen Atlanna being dead in the beginning, didn’t I? Well…the rumor was wrong as she was never killed or eaten by a species called ‘Trench’. 

She in fact disguised herself as Trench saving Aquaman & Mera along the way to the island above the Golden Trident. She couldn’t wield the Trident and so asks her son to go for it.

Aquaman dives in, to find & wield the weapon- Golden Trident, which is guarded by a legendary Karathen. He proves worthy with his skills and hence possesses the power of the ultimate weapon, which can also control the ocean species.

Final Battle

With such immense power on his side, the final war sequence with his brother Orm and other kingdoms is simply Awe-Mazing! You can just go to the movie for this fight alone.

It’s spectacular to watch the final act on a big screen. The war leads to the final one-on-one fight with King of the Oceans-Aquaman being the victor and sparing his brother Orm’s life.


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