You might be wondering…why did it take so much time to write about End Game? Well, I wasn’t exactly the same person for few days after watching the End Game.

After all the fanboyism since more than a decade, coming to a dead end isn’t exactly normal & I was in a mild shock realizing – we won’t get the band back together just like the Beatles.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, what are you even doing?

Official Marvel Trailer

Movie Discussion

Assuming you have already seen the movie, I won’t shy away to get into spoilers. The movie starts off great with where Infinity war left us hanging…yeah I meant about what happened with Hawk-Eye!

The first half of the movie did a great a job slowing down the pace of the movie at which the IW hit us, this allowed the directors to dig deeper into the story arcs & character moments rather than just smashing.

The movie is at a slow pace until our heroes come back from the past (Time-Travel…thanks to Ant-Man) to the present and feeling triumph, which wouldn’t even last few mins as Thanos was smart enough to come back from the past by capturing past-Nebula.

The second half of the movie is one of the masterpieces in a comic book cinematic history. The movie gets intense & nail-biting as soon as Thanos’s ship hits the Avengers facility with some serious missiles.

Believe it or not! But I was at the edge of my seat throughout the second half of the movie.

The War on Earth between Thanos vs all Avengers was just mind-blowing to the point where I couldn’t control it anymore. I was talking about my ‘excitement’ you dirty

Future of the Marvel Universe?

I mean…with what happened during the fight where we lost our favorite character Iron-Man, and our beloved Captain America getting old post-time-travel.

I honestly don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future, but here are some of my so called theories –

  1. Without leaders like Iron-Man & Cap, I see some girl power leading the Earth’s broken Avengers. So, what are the options? Cap Marvel, Wanda, Pepper, Akoye…etc
  2. Thor joining Guardians of the Galaxy was an awesome scene, and I see some great humor and kick-ass action when “Adam Warlock” hits the screens probably in next guardians movie.
  3. Earth-based movies include Spiderman, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Hulk perhaps teaming up once in a while.
  4. The MCU is progressing more towards Cosmic & otherworldy space adventures as it looks like.
  5. Galactus or other Cosmic beings like Eternity may be a huge universe level threats for Marvel going forward. If you thought Thanos was the toughest? Well…you’ll change your notion as soon as you get the above cosmic beings.

Conclusion :- Post Infinity war snap, my thoughts were also erased in to half. So pardon me if I miss out something.

Like, Share & Comment below about your thoughts on the End Game and what do you think happens in the Marvel’s future?

I have always been creative since childhood especially in terms of witty humor & pun, and I respect any innovation by an individual or a group. That was the seed which grew in my head spreading its branches for Game Design, writing random wisdom quotes and still growing as the times-passing. So I thought why not start my creative career with Blogging and here I am making baby steps towards the realm of passion & interests.

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