Movie Rating2.75/5

So here is our Super-heroCaptain Marvel hitting the theaters on a very special women’s day.

While there is hype in the town exclusively for being the MCU’s first female super-hero & a stand-alone movie, I was one of those Marvel fans who was like meh… “I am not hyped for this movie, but I’ll watch it just for the sake of continuity

Here is what Captain Marvel has to lase

Captain Marvel Official Trailer:

SYNOPSIS: The movie jumps off right into the home planet of Kree by showing Brie Larson currently being trained to become her true “better self”.

The movie progresses by sprinkling the flashes of Captain Marvel’s unclear past, which is actually her driving factor to get stronger while having full control of her power at the same time.

But Brie Larson has a tough time balancing her emotions with her battles and so does her acting (lol… seriously though)

First-half of the movie focuses mainly on Captain Marvel finding her way back to past and…well you know, that’s how she crash lands on Earth where she meets our fave character – Agent Fury

Second-Half of the Movie: Starts with the Skrulls (i.e Alien Shape-Shifters) infiltrating our planet Earth in search for Captain Marvel.

It’s dis-satisfying how the movie failed to show more of the war between Kree & Skrulls rather than just throwing bits & pieces in the early half.

Captain Marvel realizes that fighting for justice is the right thing to do, rather than fighting for emotions.

This new sense of justice drives her to fight an amazing solo battle in the climax of the movie.


  • The movie is heavily hero-centered without any plot diversions
  • Didn’t concentrate too much on her past, as you might have guessed they would
  • Nick Fury’s back-aging looks fantastic
  • Cat’s true power (wait for it…)


  • Lack of Kree vs Skrull war battles
  • Skrulls were seriously under-used & made bland. They are one alien race that can be fully made interesting. If Skrulls were done right…they could have made MCU insanely exciting going further.
  • Brie Larson’s acting was just normal.
  • The movie gets boring since it lacks a decent villain & who isn’t even a minor threat to the Hero.
  • The Kree planet could have been explored wisely rather than just a couple of scenes being splashed

I have always been creative since childhood especially in terms of witty humor & pun, and I respect any innovation by an individual or a group. That was the seed which grew in my head spreading its branches for Game Design, writing random wisdom quotes and still growing as the times-passing. So I thought why not start my creative career with Blogging and here I am making baby steps towards the realm of passion & interests.

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