The hype-Train for the Avengers 4 trailer and its title, was running full-speed in my brain for ages now and it’s finally halted when the trailer was released yesterday.

As Marvel fans, most of us like me might have anticipated that the trailer might be revealing some sign of triumph for our heroes.

But on the contrary, the trailer looked way sour as soon as it started with Tony Stark recording what looks like a his…final good-bye to pepper potts. Let’s see what nuggets we can mine from the trailer!

Official Movie Trailer

The movie seems to be taking part from perhaps a couple of months post-infinity war timeline. Now let’s drill our way into the golden nuggets from the trailer.

1. Tony-Nugget: First of all, Tony looks to be floating in space in the Guardians spaceship (i.e escaped planet Titan) and dying due to lack of basic survival needs.

Furthermore, the only way I see Tony staying alive is if Captain Marvel saves him in space or if Thor knows the location & does the bi-frost.

2. Scarecrow-Nugget: Thanos finally is a chilled-out farmer now residing probably on some planet near Titan, which is a direct call back to the ‘Infinity war’ Marvel comics.


3. Ronin-Nugget: Our favorite Hawk-eye transformed into Ronin assassinating bad people in Japan, possibly due to his family being dusted after the snap as his personal life has something to do with Yakuza (Japanese Mafia).

4. Captain-Nugget: Steve looks to be crying on the aftermath and looks determined to change perhaps the ‘time’ to avoid the snap.

The most noteworthy scene here is Captain looking at his compass with ‘Peggy Carter’ photo, which is another call back to Captain America: First Avenger movie.

Red Alert – This scene really throws me a bad gut feeling as the last time Captain opened his compass was before he crashed into the snow.

5. AntMan-Nugget: Finally, even more, the interesting part of the trailer is when Ant-man wants to buzz into the Avengers facility.

Either this has something to do with ‘Time-travel from quantum realm’ or some Skrull shape-shifted in the form of Paul Rudd aka Ant-man.

My fave dialogue: “Part of the journey is the end” by Tony, was very deep and sad to hear :-(…


I have always been creative since childhood especially in terms of witty humor & pun, and I respect any innovation by an individual or a group. That was the seed which grew in my head spreading its branches for Game Design, writing random wisdom quotes and still growing as the times-passing. So I thought why not start my creative career with Blogging and here I am making baby steps towards the realm of passion & interests.

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Is there any chance that pepper gonna save tony as she was found wearing iron man suit during filming?