Mayday Mayday! Were the signals I was yelling in the shock, unable to digest what I just saw as my co-pilot being turned in to dust, it’s the last thing any human wants to experience. Whilst in the sudden brain damage I was having, I could sense my aircraft about to crash land and it was when I snapped out of my nightmare, wondering as to why are these dreams occurring and soon can anyone realize that I was having the Thanos-phobia. Without any further delays, I wanted to let this out of my system and share with you & hear from you if Avengers can revive back the universe?

What do we already know?

Prior to this menace, one great thing that I felt Thanos announced was the oncoming universal catastrophe as ‘Destiny’ but with 50% Survival Discount so, it’s not completely bad…right? Since Avengers clearly couldn’t stop the mad Titan from doing what he was doing. But few of our favorite Avengers came close in making Thanos run for his money, as you already might know like – Thor, Dr.Strange, Iron Man and also Scarlett Witch to a certain extent. One scene that stood out in the entire movie and even you can agree on that is, Thor entering Wakanda using his bi-frost from his godly earned weapon – Stormbreaker, it was an insane wow-kanda moment!

It’s also not fair to entirely blame the Avengers since the mad Titan was clearly on a different power level plus our Dr.Strange has fore-seen 14 million 605 possible outcomes in which, only 1 outcome shows Avengers being the victor. Also thinking on this, I am kind of jealous about Dr.Strange already watching Avengers 4, and he also knows the title of the movie too, dammit!

Cutting to the chase, Thanos snapped his fingers and half of the entire life in the universe turned to dust. We have some of our beloved heroes such as Dr.Strange, Black Panther, Spidey, most guardians turn in to dust but we also know that there are sequels coming up for Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr.Strange, Black Panther and Spider-man. Could all these dusted heroes be lurking somewhere in the Soul world? Is Marvel introducing the Multi-verse where all our lost heroes are being transported? Or are these heroes banished to eternal death, so other characters could possibly continue their legacy?

Well to answer the above questions, we’ll have to hear it directly from directors Anthony Russo & Joseph Russo sometime in the future or wait to watch Avengers 4 hitting theatres in April 2019. Can’t wait that long for the movie, right? I know.

What can we foresee?

Talking about future, it’s very hard to predict what might actually happen in the following Avengers 4 movie since it’s not based on Marvel Comics storyline.

But one thing that fuels the hype train when thinking about the future is Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel who’s the super-hero based from the 1990s, lots of nostalgia can be expected for 90s kids like me.

In a nutshell, Captain Marvel gets involved in the inter-galactic war between Skrulls(Shape-shifting Aliens) and Kree(i.e Ronan – the accuser from Guardians 1st movie) and is expected to be fighting alongside Kree with their DNA mixed up with hers in the process, ultimately gaining godly powers such as Gravity control, Sixth sense, Superhuman strength, durability etc.

On the other side, it is even heartbreaking that Ironman had to see Guardians & especially Spidey turn to dust on his shoulders and Tony was utterly helpless and so does other avengers of course. Can he be able to build ThanosBuster by using the leftover technology from planet Titan?

One question that gives me chills to the spine any-day when I think about it is, how can Tony & Nebula come back to Earth? Can they use the Nebula’s Pod? Or should Thor use his bi-frost to reach Titan and get them back (i.e If Thor knows where Titan is)?

Moral from Massacre: When the universe gives you Thanos, always go for the Head always…

Conclusion: Considering all the assumptions & Dr.Strange’s time travel, the future looks little far from grim, Will Thor & Captain Marvel be the major powerhouses to eliminate Thanos & bring back the Infinity Gauntlet?

Please share this article if you like it and if you think I forgot any key-points, then comment below on your thoughts and predictions for the future of Avengers & MCU.

I have always been creative since childhood especially in terms of witty humor & pun, and I respect any innovation by an individual or a group. That was the seed which grew in my head spreading its branches for Game Design, writing random wisdom quotes and still growing as the times-passing. So I thought why not start my creative career with Blogging and here I am making baby steps towards the realm of passion & interests.

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D. Suryanarayana Raju
D. Suryanarayana Raju

Hi Rohit, I merely heard the word ‘Avengers’ from my grand children, of course you are one of them. So I will not be able to comment on the topic except that it is very well worded and expressed. Keep it up. As a grandparent I can only share that the outside world is a world of duality. Good & bad, up & down, like & dislike, success & failure etc are not different conditions, one encompasses the other. When we use less of our mind and more of our heart, we may be able to comprehend duality and then… Read more »


Thank you, Suryanarayana Raju tatayya, this is the best constructive feedback one can get. I completely agree with you on the Duality & least focus on the result, putting a wholehearted effort in the process and especially in what we love doing is “Success” to me and the rest follows, I have always believed that. It gives me immense strength when such feedback comes from a person like yourself.

Thanks a lot again 🙂