Ever wondered what would it be like surviving the odds of Thanos finger snap & the aftermath? Well, that’s how I felt surviving the
software struggle in the U.S under Trump’s wrath when I worked for a couple of years until a few months ago.

One fine mid-night, while I couldn’t fall asleep, since working in software, isn’t what I really liked doing. I was having a deep thought-inception about what I really love, what makes my life more cup-filling & purposeful. Drowning in the thoughts like a Magikarp fish, I hit the rock and I realized what I was meant to be doing with my life. Sub-consciously I always wanted to write something, something creative & witty, movie reviewing & much more…doesn’t matter if I blog it perfectly or not! But I wanted my opinion to be out there.

The twist here is that I have a master’s degree in Game Design (USA) but had to do software (my bachelors) due to lack of
paid gaming job opportunities for immigrants at that time. Clearly, my life has always been a RollerCoaster ride and turns out,
I wasn’t a fan of a RollerCoaster ride at all but rather I always loved a Toy train ride to a steep hill-station.

Yes, you guessed it right! I was looking for a career path that I love working for and can also earn my living with it. Then it struck
me like Thor’s thunder to keep an end to the stuff I hated working for, and start truly living the life I desired. Hence, I chose
Digital marketing/online presence as a career-path or rather it chose me. I would like to start off by blogging on movie reviews, perhaps
other media reviewing too & much more.