Could Avengers End Game set a New Beginning?

You might be wondering…why did it take so much time to write about End Game? Well, I wasn’t exactly the same person for few days after watching the End Game. After all the fanboyism since more than a decade, coming to a dead end isn’t exactly normal & I was in a mild shock realizing […]

Did Captain Marvel fit in the Avengers Closet?

NON-SPOILER REVIEW Movie Rating – 2.75/5 So here is our Super-heroCaptain Marvel hitting the theaters on a very special women’s day. While there is hype in the town exclusively for being the MCU’s first female super-hero & a stand-alone movie, I was one of those Marvel fans who was like meh… “I am not hyped […]

Will Anthariksham be the last brave Telugu Space Movie?

Director: Sankalp Reddy Main Cast: Varun Tej, Aditi Rao Hydari, Lavanya Tripathi, Srinivas Avasarala, Satyadev Kancharana My Rating: 3.5/5 Tollywood industry has become the leading movie making business in India post-Baahubali. I don’t mean in just budget increase but also in terms of a unique story like this ‘Antariksham‘ movie itself. Never have I imagined […]

Did Aquaman save the DC Universe from drowning?

*This Review Contains Spoilers* Director: James Wan, Main Cast: Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Nicole Kidman (Atlanna), Patrick Wilson (King Orm) My Rating: 4/5 There’s no doubt in saying that Aquaman is the best DC movie since Wonder Woman. When everything seems to be looking ashes for the DC movies, Aquaman just washed past everything […]

Will Avengers 4: End Game be gloomiest Marvel movie?

The hype-Train for the Avengers 4 trailer and its title, was running full-speed in my brain for ages now and it’s finally halted when the trailer was released yesterday. As Marvel fans, most of us like me might have anticipated that the trailer might be revealing some sign of triumph for our heroes. But on […]

Why Robo2.0 is tremendous than you think?

Disclaimer: Spoiler Review! Main Cast: Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson I feel more than honored to say it loud that Indian movies have raised the bar for international audience exclusively in terms of budget, CGI and the brute story strength. Although having this conception on the back of my head, I arrived at the movie […]

Did Venom strike as contagious as it’s unparalleled hype?

Warning: This review contains huge Spoilers As soon as I heard there’s a Venom stand-alone movie coming up, I was so intrigued as to how Sony would cook up with Marvel in bringing an anti-hero to the silver screen and guess what? They surely didn’t disappoint. Since we all have been munching on super-hero ensemble […]